April Fool’s came, and no one cried!

So every year on April 1, we tend to go sort of overboard on the April Fool’s jokes. Some pranks have gone off better than others. Bodily harm jokes have been used (coders cutting their thumbs off) to mediocre results. Matt Damon making an offer on Finn’s house in France barely mustered a high five. Amazingly, we got the best response from pretending we’d booked a Go Game for the players of the Golden State Warriors (kinda…meh). This year we set out to get Lisa, our CFO. Lisa is always stressing that Finn and I spent too much money on hair-brained ideas that rarely make any money. She is also generally ‘correct.’ For this prank, Finn and I concocted an email from a colleague (we’ll call ‘Mr. S’), stating that we’d gone out the night before, drank a lot, and decided to invest in his company. He played along, sent the email, cc’d a bunch of his fake lawyers AND Lisa. All was set for her to flip her lid. She actually thought it was a great idea. So much for that. We did kinda mess with Mr. S though — made a fake Valleywag page detailing how this investment info had been leaked. Apparently he freaked out for like 15 seconds. So was 2 hours of my time worth it. Of course.

If a group of people stop trying to prank eachother, a key peice of joy is missing.

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