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In cities where we travel, we hire local actors to plant in our games. Just last week, we ran an awesome Undercover Game at the Mall of America, and one of our actors was the charming Michael Venske. Unbeknownst to us, he blogged about us after the game! Here’s what he said! …an open letter to corporate America
Dear Head Honchos:
Are you looking for a way to bring unity and increased performance to a group of your employees that may be fearful about their employment due to America’s tough economic state? Do you want more options for “corporate entertainment” than just an afternoon of skits in the boardroom making fun of Bob from accounting? Do you want to get involved and be apart of your team again?
If you answered “yes” to ANY of the questions above, then The Go Game is your alternative to corporate entertainment that won’t just waste an hour after lunch!
As an actor, I’ve worked with The Go Game on missions for Target and Best Buy. In addition to character work (acting), part of my job is to ensure all members of the team are participating. Using my skills as an educator and improviser, I’m able to quickly note which team members aren’t participating, get them involved immediately, and continue to unite your employees as being members of the same team.
The best part of The Go Game, in addition to genuinely bringing you and your employees together, is that the game’s entertaining, educational, and fun! You’re winning in multiple ways with The Go Game!
Michael Venske
Thanks Michael!!

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