Adventure Design Group presents WE PLAYERS

On Friday April 18th, we are thrilled to present a conversation with Ava Roy – Artistic Director of the We Players – as the next installment of our Adventure Design Group

Since 2000, We Players has presented site-integrated performance events that use the finest works of classical theatre to transform public spaces into realms of participatory theater. Extending the transformative powers of performance beyond the stage into the notable public spaces of the Bay Area, they invite their collaborators and audience to engage fully with the spectacular world around us. Their latest works have included The Odyssey on Angel Island,Hamlet on Alcatraz, and The Tempest at the Albany Bulb. From SFists review of their latest show, Macbeth at Fort Point:

Another affecting moment was during the banquet scene, where audience members crowd a long table and snack on bread, fruit and cheese. Macbeth, haunted by the bloody ghost of Banquo (played by Nikolas Strubbe), advances down the tabletop, gibbering and raving. As Banquo’s ghost hovers at the far end of the table, the foghorn moans and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I forgot all about being cold and needing to pee: at Fort Point, ghosts have never felt more real. — SFist

Tickets for We Players’ Macbeth at Fort Point are on sale now, as are seats at their spectacular 2014 gala dinner on April 5.

See you there!

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