Adventure Design Group speaker series

This month we are excited to announce the launch of our new project: ADVENTURE DESIGN GROUP – a free monthly speaker series featuring the best and brightest in interactive experience design. If you are interested in this growing craft that blends fiction and reality with a mix of games, high-tech and low-tech, tours, puzzle hunts, and participatory theater, join us! We will feature monthly speakers who have created amazing experiences, and host a fun happy hour for mingling and chatting before and after the presentation / Q&A.

Why are we doing this? One way to think of what we do here at the Go Game is creating bespoke real-life adventures for our clients — pushing all our players a little beyond their comfort zone and everyday experience to try new things, face new challenges, and emerge the better for it. There are so many other groups here in the bay area creating amazing new experiences that fit this idea, and we’re really psyched to see the number of creators and size of the audience grow. So to help stir the pot a bit and promote and share some the amazing ideas and work that’s going into this area, we’re starting a meetup group to feature some creators and designers that we respect and admire. Join us!
Our first meetup is a presentation and chat with Odyssey Works, an intriguing group that creates extensively researched participatory theatrical performances for an audience of one:

“Imagine waking up to discover yourself immersed in a performance that is all about you. You’re the main character in the performance. It lasts all day, surrounding you with extraordinary experiences that take place in your home, at your workplace, and all over the city where you live. The other actors are your friends and family and an eclectic group of artists, most of whom you’ve never even met. This is Odyssey Works.”

carl joan of arc

They were described eloquently by the New York Times:
“The intricate creations that converge in the group members’ weekend-long performances — sound installations, films, performance art and more — exist only for their chosen subject, whom they’ve come to know very well. Then it all vanishes. The idea is a beautiful inefficiency: a tiny but infinitely more affected audience.” (full article)
Odyssey Works is currently accepting Brooklyn-based applicants for their 2013 performance.
We love the thought and personalization that goes into these performances, and think that everyone who creates customized performative experiences might be interested in learning about how they do things. So we’re really excited to hear some of the details and behind-the-scenes thoughts behind their work at our first meetup on May 8th at Go Game HQ. Sign up and reserve your spot!

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