Austin Community Game Recap

Here at the Go Game Texas office n Feb 28th, we got a chance to give back to our community, by doing what we do best – playing our @$@%es off. We ran a fabulous game to benefit Easter Seals Central Texas, a non-profit here in Austin that helps adults and children with disabilities and their families. Every giggle, every silly movie, and every clue solved, got us closer to our goal of helping Easter Seals earn some cash for their stellar programs.
The turn out was great, we had a young vibrant crowd decked out in costumes and props!! The creative missions were one of a kind, and we saw what Mark and I consider to be the best “Western Judgable” ever filmed by a team.

One of our star actors, Orion Fierro, played Indiana Jones in one of our “plant” missions. He had a stunning way of dramatically dropping his hat, and then retrieving it to let the players know that he was in on the game!
It was Veronica’s Birthday, so we sang her a diddy, Renee got out the volunteer sign up sheet, and the judging was an absolute hoot. The winning team was aptly named “the Seals of Easter”. Their MVP was chickee, a little stuffed chicken who was the star of their highly ranked videos. Chickee was stuffed into the trophy moments after their win, where I imagine she will permanently live.
All in all… tons of fun! The Go Game once again flexes its give-back muscle, the one that we are always exercising to keep it shiny and buff.
Aris and Mark

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