Austin latest and SXSW

Sure, we don’t have a sketch-comedy tribute to our city (hello Portlandia!), or some beautiful Alicia Keys vocals, but we Austinites have a wonderful city as well.
If you are in Austin, you know we’ve been having some fantastic weather.  You also know this is an amazing city.  That means we’ve been running a ton of games.   We’ve run a couple for our good friends at Meritage Events and even for sushi upstart How Do You Roll?.   Most awesomely, fellow gamerunner Jenny Gottstein was in town for a 250 person event right in our 6th street game zone.  You can check out her whereabouts on Twitter @jettstein.  Here is some video from one of our actresses, Erica Nix getting one team to get physical:
As you know, we always have our ear to the ground about new and exciting mobile tech.  And of course SXSW is starting very soon, so we are getting very excited.  We’ll be keeping our peepers peeled for innovative mobile apps and location based gaming platforms.  I am especially excited to see how some new social media apps are received including Highlight, Glancee, and Forecast.  Our newly published author, Brett Rounseville, will be in the house promoting this and this.  Offer to buy him a hotdog if you see him roaming aimlessly amongst the masses.  He needs the sulfates.
Stay tuned for more fun stuff from SXSW!

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