Blow up the Death Star

Who doesn’t want to blow up the Death Star?
I do.
You do.
Why? Because it sucks. It blew up Alderaan and the 1.97 billion resident Alderaanians (according to Wikipedia) just to prove a point to Princess Leia. That’s a terrible thing to do. Most reasonable points should be made by methods less drastic than flash genocide.
Unfortunately, we can’t blow up the Death Star because it was already blown up. Twice. Also, it’s fictional.
But we can blow up our own personal Death Stars. Nagging oppressive elements of our life that we might assume are just part of our reality until something energizes you to make a difference. It’s a beautiful feeling.
My favorite moments of the Go Game involve watching people let their guards down for a few hours and eliminate some of the limits of their work relationships. Getting to know someone they’ve never had a chance to meet or realizing how funny the otherwise all business HR director is.
Is it enough to make people dance and sing Yub Nub? Probably not. But I mean, let’s be honest, you getting along with your co-workers is a way smaller problem than a fully operational battle station blowing planets up because some rebel brat won’t give up the deets on her friends.
But is there one less ball of dread nagging their everyday existence. Surely. And that counts for something.

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