Bringing It to Texas

So, a cheerleading troupe inquired about playing the Go Game.  The team consisted of 30 or so cheerleaders and coaches.  They wanted to do the game in San Antonio, which naturally meant I, the Lead Texas Producer, would be assigned the game.  Our salesperson on this particular event, Sara,  envisioned some sort of Darwinian event in the vein of Bring It On, the Kirsten Dunst movie.
I was secretly a little terrified.  Normally, we run games for corporate types, so this was quite the departure.  I must look like a complete Geek to these kids.   How was I going to engage a bunch of pre-teens in the Go Game hijinks without them rolling their eyes at me then sitting on a bench and texting their friends how very terrible a time they were having?
The answer was to get them to sing and dance as much as possible.  While I did receive the requisite eye rolls, I think we ended up with a stellar event as evidenced by this video, playing on the Call Me Maybe meme.
We also received some of the best creative missions in Go Game history complete with REAL backflips and choreographed handshakes.
So yeah, it was awesome.   Everyone at the Go Game enjoys the creative challenge of building new missions for a particular audience.  Having that comfort zone erased makes for the best experiences.  And that is why everyone at the Go Game loves their job.  Play on!

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