Deliberate Life Magazine features The Go Game

We are so honored to have been featured in this month’s edition of deliberateLIFE Magazine –  a new ‘lifestyle guide for impactful living,’ based out of Oakland.
A few excerpts:
Significant learning can be accomplished when “hiding really important lessons inside of fun,” said Michelle Honchariw, managing director of The Go Game, a company with a mission to help employees learn and grow through wildly fun, high-tech scavenger hunts in their cities. She is right. Research over the last several years has brought the power of play to the forefront of learning theory. Office environments and professional etiquette suppress the playful, personal way that we tend to build relationships outside of work. Infusing play into the workday, however, enhances our ability to learn about one another and ourselves, fostering the trust and collaboration that provide the basis for corporate thriving. 
During the Go Game’s scavenger hunts, for example, employees practice sensitive conversation and motivation while convincing a “Bawling Bride” to continue with her wedding. “Little do they realize at the time that this is sales training,” the Go Game’s Michelle Honchariw said. If you are short on time, these same principles can be put into practice in your office with some hilarious and stimulating improvisational theatre games.
Through “having fun and laughing together” at a Go Game team building event outside the office, Heather White and her team were exposed to a new side of each other, said White, operations support manager at Clorox. They began to see those they worked as friends, rather than coworkers.
Full article below! Blushing aside, we highly highly recommend subscribing to this lovely magazine.  And if you use the special code “TheGoGame”, you can get 20% off the newest issue!
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