Don’t mess with Veronica Belmont & Co.

Last month, Veronica Belmont and her band of brave (and incredibly good-looking) friends threw caution to the wind (and rain) and took The Go Game App for a spin in the Mission. She’s a former C-Net producer/on-air talent who struck out on her own and hit the big time as a techology/gaming video host. She’s fantastic. Really — you’ll see.
This all came to fruition because our awesome friend and ally Marie Domingo is chock-full of amazing ideas.Not sure if we fulfilled her vision, but it went down like a crazy game of geeky Clue (it was Ben ‘Ninja’ Parr, with an iPhone in the cafe!!!). Ultimately Veronica’s team wins (we swear it was not rigged).
Thanks to all who were involved. It was a great day!

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