Et tu, Brute?

No, we’re not quoting Shakespeare in the SF office, we’re just entertaining a visitor. His name is Brutus and boy is he cute! He is tall, dark and very handsome. He’s got some hair on his chest and a little problem with bad breath, but he’s so confident that it doesn’t bother him. Actually it’s pretty hard to bother a man who can lick his own butt. And by ‘man,’ I clearly mean a cutie pie Rottweiler Mix!
Check him out!
brutus alon
One of our co-founders, Finn Kelly, has been fostering Brutus for a little while. Each day he’s been coming into the office with Finn, and he’s so well-behaved and sweet! We (mostly me) are trying to get Finn to keep Brutus forever. Just look at how sweet they look together:
I know some of you guys with a little pop culture sense about you keep thinking that furry little Brutus looks familiar. Well, you’re right. He used to roll with his homies in the fast lane before he made it to our humble SF office. He had bling, bitches (he’s a dog, silly) and like seven water bowls after his debut with Outkast. Check out the clip and see if you can spot his cameo:

I think this dog is fo’ real.

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