Fast Company Loves The Go Game as much as Google and Apple

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We received an in-depth article on The Go Game today in an article by Chris Dannen of Fast Company, with a wonderful write up that includes this quote:

“You might say that The Go Game, an iPhone game launching this week at SXSW, is the best-researched project in the history of location games. Founders Ian Fraser and Finnegan Kelly have spent the last 10 years running a hacked-together version of the game at corporate team-building events for GoogleApple, EA Games, ZyngaFacebookMicrosoft and Intuit.” Read full article here: Another fine mention comes in a blog post Dannan wrote about Ze Frank, who has a startup of his own, Danna writes: “It’s tempting to think of Frank as a throwback, but the more of his TED talks you watch, the more you realize his timing might be extremely adept: after all, other smart startups here at SXSW, like Scvngr, The Go Game, and Christopher Poole’s Canvas are also thinking about the purity of fun on a very high level. “It’s a great time to be visually extravagant and wondrous on the web,” he says, because social networks like Facebook are so heavy-handed about how profiles look. “ works because we need it now.”

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