Gaming For Good

Recently we designed a Giving Back game to support the Beacon Center – a non-profit organization that provides school day support and comprehensive afterschool programming in public schools throughout the country. All Beacon programs and services are free and open to everyone, but focus on underserved communities.
Working closely with our client, we designed a game in which players collected items to donate to the Beacon Center. These items included school supplies, digital media items, books, and art supplies. It was a blast to watch the teams scramble around Fisherman’s Wharf to fill their backpacks with donated items, all while interacting with Pirates, unlocking clues, and taking ridiculous photos. But perhaps the best part was receiving a Thank You video from the students of Beacon Center (see below).
As we head into the holidays, let’s keep in mind that supporting others is not only essential… but it is fun! Let’s keep working to make philanthropy a game where everybody wins.

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