Go Game App Goes Wild!

The James Gang

Remember, like 3 years ago, when all the big banks did ‘Stress Tests’ to see if they’d survive through the recession? The Fed (or whoever) basically did a fun play-test where the shit really hit the fan. Hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies would try to make huge ATM withdrawals, while flaming, radioactive asteroids pelted us from outer space — and at the end, some banks stood firm! Well, that’s what we did with our Go Game App on Thursday. Jenny, Jade, Michelle, Andrew, Sasha and Brett convinced like 10 uninitiated friends to play The Go Game App. Just like the banks stress tests, Jenny and Andrew recreated a true-to-life Go Game scenario. The players were plied with cocktails, given zero instruction (ie flaming asteroids) and set loose on the Mission District (specifically, the Royal Gate neighborhood….ummm, Zombies). It was our first honest to goodness stress-test, and we’re incredibly happy to report that it totally rocked. Hard.

Berkeley Ladies

The short, 60-minute game was a fusion of old and the new — combining Jenny’s uber-cool, post-modern aesthetic with some old fashioned Go Game ridiculousness in the form of the long-forgotten Fish Race. Unfortunately nothing from the original Fish Races was documented. The lore simply hangs in the air of old office (along with the faint odor of decomposing feeder fish). Jenny, being a connoisseur of weird-things-from-our-past-about-which-we feel-somewhat-conflicted, was totally game to resurrect the Fish Race. It was hot, and none of the fish died. Jenny? Right?
What did we learn? Well, we’ve been doing a lot of play testing, so nothing that we haven’t heard before: ATT is sloooow, some UI tweaks needed, a lot of team seem to end up here ;)…. HOWEVER, we finished this test with a real sense of accomplishment. Like we let the weasel back into the wild. It was fun to nurse the weasel and to dress it up in doll clothes, but the weasel belongs in the woods, brah!  Screw going viral, we want to go feral!
Thanks so much to Jenny for organizing. To Drew for keeping a watchful eye on everything, and to Sasha, Brett, Jade, and Michelle for being game. Always…we are game.



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