Go Game + Atlanta!

Let’s talk about Atlanta, or as we at The Go Game like to call it, ATL. Hey, when you fly as much as we do, you start to call every city by its airport code. Try these: ORD, PDX and IAD. If you got them, consider yourself part of our club. Anyway, Atlanta is by far one of our favorite cities, with its peaches, hip hop and Coca Cola.
Many of the Game Producers enjoy reading up on the cities we visit to learn about their history, culture, and most importantly, their music. We’d like to take a moment to thank Atlanta for some of its musical gems. First there was Kris Kross… and then TLC…and of course, a major shout-out goes to the rapper Ludacris, who is opening a restaurant in the ATL airport named after his album Chicken and Beer.
Another common nickname for the City of Peaches is Hotlanta. Clearly hot for its music scene, most associate the name with the weather and nightlife.  We would say it’s also a hot spot for The Go Game. We’re all over the place from the downtown to midtown, to Centennial park to the zoo. For the past four years, we’ve run games for the evening MBA program at Emory. These guys are fierce competitors and incredibly creative.
They plank like true business men and women:

And they are extremely thoughtful players.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future business leaders of America.

If you or your company is out in Georgia, whether its for business or pleasure, hit up The Go Game for a memorable way to experience the city. And for an amazing playlist.

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