How Low Can You Go?

At approximately 4:45 PM on Tuesday, June 23rd an important meeting was held in Go Game Headquarters. Melanie Duve, Zach Chin and Alli Ball had a meeting of minds in which they determined who was in fact the employee with the most poise, balance and grace. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it was time for some AFTERNOON JENGA!
Not your typical Jenga set, this particular edition was supplied by one of our most delightful clients of late and came color coordinated and with a set of dice – two improvements that actually led to a fun game. Also adding to the fun was the fact that we kept singing the ‘Limbo Rock’ song. Which Zach admitted to currently having on his iPod. Actually, now that I think about it, he does go to a lot of weddings where that might come in handy.
Anyway, here are some pictures of how much fun this was:

That’s Alli (AKA TowerPlaya) winding up her patented power roll. You should see her play Yahtzee.

That’s Zach (AKA HighTower), trying to stack some blocks after a crushing roll of the Jenga dice.

That’s me (AKA TowerOfPower). Look how much fun I’m having. My whole face is squished into happiness.
We had so much fun that I think we should make a movie out of it. We’ll call it ‘Well Stacked’ and this will be the poster:
We rock!
And even though we didn’t catch it on film, Zach lost this game. Because his KNEE hit the table during Alli’s turn. Which kinda makes me the champion. Nice. I didn’t think about that until now. I’m a winner. Wheee!

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