Introducing… Breadcrumb!

Ever wondered how The Go Game works? How we create games that send players to specific locations at exactly the right time? Or blend right brain tech with left brain adventure? Well it’s a complicated system of wizards, elves, and ruby on rails.

For the past 12 years, we’ve used a program that was developed and perfected by our co-founder Finnegan Kelly. It’s a platform that, over the years, has become a mechanical beast of astonishing proportions.

Last year, we brought on game design extraordinaire¬†Gabe Smedresman. With his team of digital geniuses, we have built a NEW AND IMPROVED platform that expands all the game magic we’ve developed over the years and bolsters it with state of the art technology. This new platform? It is called (drumroll please)…


“How does it work!” you ask? A little something like this:

STEP 1: Come up with a brilliant game concept

STEP 2: Scout the “gamezone” – the physical location where the game will take place. The process looks strikingly similar to binocular soccer.

STEP 3: Close the blinds and bury ourselves in our work – writing content, testing code, editing missions, brainstorming game narratives.

STEP 4: Take it outside and give it our best shot

STEP 5: Troubleshoot gracefully.

STEP 6: Give it another shot.

STEP 7: At the moment when the new game concept seems like an impossible dream… it succeeds against all odds.


So get ready for some more ridiculous moments… The Go Game powered by Breadcrumb will be coming to a city near you.

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