Introducing…. our new Tech Director!

It takes a village to raise a Go Game. Without our gamerunners, we wouldn’t have jumpsuit-clad arbiters of fun, MCs of mayhem, or curators of chaos. Without our sales team, we would have no way of convincing the world that everyone deserves to have a good time. Without our tech team, we wouldn’t be able to bring the magic to life! It takes brilliant engineering to make sure the flashmobs converge at the right time, the payphones deliver clues at the proper moment, the dude in the banana costume shares the correct password for points, etc. Which is why we are thrilled to announce a huge addition (or rather RE-addition, but we’ll explain that later) to our team: The Go Game’s Tech Director Gabe Smedresman.




Gabe is a San Francisco-based designer and coder with a passion for games, real-world data, interactive narrative, maps, public space and theater — and the intersections between them. Some of the things he’s worked on recently:


The Hearst Collection: an art-heist laser maze installation game as part of Come Out & Play SF 2012. (With fellow Go-Gamer John Teasdale)

Woodcut Maps – Handcrafted wood-inlay maps of anywhere in the world, designed by you: (Gizmodo called it “gorgeous”, Boing Boing gushed “you choose the view that matters to you. They make it art.”)

Crazy Boat: The Curse of the Trash Vortex – A facebook game that uses your posts to build a personalized player profile. (IO9: “The Best Sci-Fi Distraction on Facebook,”  NY Times Magazine: “Enormously Compelling,” Forbes “Weird, witty and compelling”)
But before he did all these things, he interned for the company years ago. Now he is rejoining the team and already introducing exciting new features that we are rolling out in our games.


In his own words: “I’m psyched and honored to join all the amazing creative people at Go Game. This group was one of the first to blend games and reality in a new genre of live action game using tech, theater and the urban landscape. And this kind of entertainment is going be a much bigger part of our lives in the near future. I can’t wait to be a part of what comes next.”

Learn more about Gabe (the man, the legend) here:

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