I love you, Kayak. I really, really love you. And for that, you are my #1 travel website.
You are easy to use and basic yet still extremely powerful. You don’t make my eyes bleed with CHEAP RENTAL CARS IN TUCSON! and the like. And, I must not be crazy because we all consider you a reference… and the New York Times agrees so it must be true!(?) Allow me to present a nugget of GOLD from their travel blog:
“Still, however, there are a few more little things I do to game the system as much as possible. I try to fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, when fares tend to be a little lower (though not always) and fewer people mob the airports (though not always). I go to SeatExpert.com to find the best spot in the plane to park myself. (Sorry, SeatGuru.com!) And I try always to buy the ticket directly through the airline, partly to maximize frequent-flier miles, partly because the airlines sometimes have special deals that don’t show up on Kayak, but also so that if things go wrong at the airport (as I’ve heard happens on very rare occasions) the airline won’t be able to blame some third-party booker.”
So, so, true.

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