Kids Rock the Go Game

Today Chris and I ran a game for a bunch of kids from Berkeley CA and they single-handedly restored our faith in people under the age of 21. Not that we subscribe to the belief that all kids are rotting their brains on GTA and The Hills, but today was proof positive that the youth of the East Bay have some serious chops. There were 5 teams playing, and each of them basically tore up The Go Game. All the scores were HIGH – they played hard, and smart. But even more impressive were their creative missions. The videos rivaled anything we’ve seen from big name ad agencies or high-powered law firms. These kids came up with some fantastic ideas and executed them to a T. Right from the beginning of the game, we knew it was on — they mastered the technology in like 2 seconds, read the missions like they were Jon Stewart and took off in a dust storm of positive teamwork. Amazing stuff. So…thanks guys. You made our weekend in a Big way. Here’s a photo of Team Bossy — the winners. WOOOOOOO!

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