Layover? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Layover!

So what do two fun, talented and witty game runners do during a 47 minute layover in an airport known for it’s funny shaped roof and lack of good food? That is the question Andrew and myself found ourselves faced with last week in the Denver International Airport.
Having just bid farewell to a fun and rowdy group of players from The Entrepreneur’s Organization in Clayton, MO (a great alternative to downtown St. Louis), we hopped on our Frontier flight home to San Francisco. We planned on grabbing a quick bite during our layover in The Rocky Mountain State, but seeing as neither one of us flies Frontier Airlines very often (those jerks make you pay for TV), we were not sure where to nosh in that particular terminal.
Fate, however, was on our side because we deplaned just steps from The Denver Chophouse and Brewery. We stepped inside, and were promptly seated by an energetic waitress with an energetic air, a can-do demeanor, a broken finger and a broken elbow.
“What happened to your finger?” Andrew asked curiously, gesturing to her bandaged digit.
“Oh, I was putting together a metal stage at an amusement park, and I put my finger between two boards, and someone locked them together – on my finger!” she exclaimed, not seeming to care that her story was gross and we were about to eat.
“Whoa. Is it broken?” I asked, repulsed but intrigued.
“Oh yeah – check this out!” she announced as she proudly help up her finger, which looked kinda like Lombard Street in San Francisco. “It’s not supposed to bend that way!”
“Did you break your elbow at the same time?” he asked.
“Oh, no. That happened when I got really drunk in Mexico.” And then she walked away. I kind of love her.
We sat down, ordered the beer tasting menu (it was only $3.99) and some portabella sammies. The tasting menu was mediocre (the darker beers were the best), but the sammies hit the spot. We left with moments to spare before boarding our plane and with very full tummies. Our waitress gave us an awkward, slightly painful looking wave as we left.
Sometimes, layovers just aren’t that bad. Here we are – rocking our tasting menu and some super fly plane hairstyles!
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