Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Tweet About

It’s easy to assume that, given The Go Game’s “high tech” status, painfully hip game runners, and modernly chic office, social media plays a large role in our games. But contrary to (what I will assert to be) popular belief, social media plays a minimal role in our games. Yes we have the occasional tweeting of photos or witty comments, but that is usually where it ends.
Or at least, until September. We were approached by a well known company and asked to create the first ever Social Media Go Game. On a quest to familiarize their staff with the world of smart phones, apps and social media, The Go Game created the ultimate social media gaming experience.
First thing to do was download all the popular apps onto our sleek Androids and create accounts for each team. After a bit of technological magic (that most any 13 year old could have probably done in 1/2 the time), we had easy access to Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Yelp, Instagram and a QR Code reader.
The game, which took place in our Center City game zone in Philadelphia, integrated our classic game with a few customized social media missions, as well as bonus missions that were ongoing throughout the day (i.e. a Tweeting contest for funniest Tweet about a one of the company’s products, Instagram photo contest, FourSquare check-in contest, etc). The more the players posted quips and photos using the various apps, the more likely they were to score major bonus points. As well, we created some customized missions which required the players to use QR codes, locate cafes and restaurants using Yelp or FourSquare and tested their knowledge and skills of some of the most popular social media apps.
During the judging round, a secret panel of judges (read: us working with the client) selected the top photos and comments from the game and teams were award bonus points accordingly. We then projected them for all the players to see before launching into our classic judging round.
The game was a huge success! It has opened up a whole new frontier for The Go Game as a valuable tool to teach and familiarize players with social media and smart phone apps. The company couldn’t have been happier and noted that some of the players had never even heard of Instagram, much less used it! Some were a bit hesitant at first, but by the end of the game they were Tweeting and updating Facebook like old pros!
The future is here my friends, and The Go Game is ready to deliver it!

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