London Go Game Does It Big Time!

Sorry, we can’t stop ourselves with the Easter puns. We know everyBUNNY is HOPing we’ll stop, but we’re just so EGGcited about how EGGstraordinarily fun the Big Kid London Easter Hunt was on Saturday! We’re pretty EGGstatic about it. Thanks to all the amazing folks who came down to the South Bank to chase down the Easter Bunny, eat hot cross buns off a fishing pole, show Jesus a magic trick, do an egg-and-spoon race with a very large chicken, reenact Noah’s Ark through interpretive dance and so much more. We raised a ton of money for MIND, a very worthy mental health charity, and had ridiculous amounts of fun along the way. We’ve picked some of our favourite photos from the game to showcase the creative brilliance of our many players. Almost 200 people showed up to partake in the holiday adventures, decked out in all types of Easter fancy dress. Here’s the Very Happy Eggs in some Very Awesome Bunny Masks. There were all kinds of HARE-brained antics with the Easter Bunny. She got a piggy-back ride from team Eggnostics… …but got attacked by the Free Rangers… …and got nibbled on by team Joy Division! But she got her revenge by eating the entire team of Highland Lovers Make Better Snorers! Los Sombreros prayed to Jesus, who was having a bit of trouble working his miracles… …but his day vastly improved when he showed some leg to the aptly named Playboys and Bunnygirls. The Bunnygirls also got a piece of the Chicken… …who also butted up against the Nameless Bunnies. We loved the fabulously facial-haired 6 Chocolateers posing for a photo with the Cardinal, who was bestowing all kinds of blessings during this holiday adventure. A bunch of you went fishing for hot cross buns, like this brave soul from Norfolk in Chance (one of our favourite team names!) And a group meal for team ROAR! Here’s team Tourch with the salty sea dog fisherman who was testing out his new religious fish bait and leading the hot cross buns game. We don’t know exactly what Fans of Mankini Man (another awesome team name) were getting up to in this picture, but we like it. Fire! Synchronized moves! Balls flying at your face! Brilliant. We enjoyed this fab photo from the Nameless Bunnies who went sailing away… and we were quite impressed with ‘Cassie Doing The Knowledge’ from the Shortbus Shooters… …but blown away by the dedication of Highland Lovers Make Better Snorers. We love you too. We’re going to get your team name tattooed on our foreheads…we promise. Congrats to the winners, the Wanstead Sox! And the runners-up, the Mini Eggs! Lastly, a special shout-out to team Gadzooks! They may not have completed the most missions, but certainly brought some well-lubricated happiness to the Big Kid London Easter Hunt. An EGGSTRAORDINARY THANK YOU to everyone who came out and played the Big Kid Easter Hunt! Thanks also to all our performers and the Mad Hatter on Stamford Street for hosting our adventure. Bearded Kitten and The Go Game will be back with an even bigger and better game this summer, so sign up for our newsletter to get all the info and stay tuned for all the fun to come. How excited are we to do this all over again? THIS EXCITED. We’ll see you then! Mei and Chris

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