Mmmmm meat

What do you think of when you think of your workplace?
Personally, I think of a big couch and unpredictable antics. Such are the benefits of “working” at creating play!
For these dudes from the OTHER ‘the city’ (after San Francisco, but before London, obviously) – when they think of work, they think big ol’ slabs of meat, topped with more meat. My kinda guys. To us at The Go Game, this NY Times article is a great example of injecting some play into your daily life. These manly men took the lunch break – an often monotonous routine of eating the same places – and turned into a both a “game” as well as a reason to spend time together. Once a month, they get together and eat bacon cheeseburgers. Then they rank them and put it all on the web. They even are audacious enough to offer Burger Commentary!

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