Playing Games Like It’s Our Job…Oh, Wait…

So, today we played a brand new game at our Go Game SF office that has never been played anywhere in the world. Ever. I know that’s true ’cause I made it up in my head. That’s actually one of my favorite things about working at TGG – I make up games and characters, and then suddenly people are running around just like I imagined it. I suppose I am actually living my dreams. Pretty sweet, actually.
The game was called ‘Who’s Your Inspiration’ and the rulios were simple. We each had to show up at work today dressed in a style that was inspired by one of our co-workers. We each sashayed across our workspace before the morning meeting, and everyone tried to guess who inspired our different looks. Points were accumulated based on how many looks/inspirations you guessed correctly, how many people guessed your inspiration correctly, and how many people voted you ‘Best Look.’ Here’s the results (with pictures, of course):
Our first place winner was…Go Game co-founder Ian Fraser! Ian came in with an ensemble inspired by our developer, Zach Chin. Zach is known for his svelte figure, track jackets, confident expression and mid-calf California socks. Ian highlighted all of these components and scored 18 points with this look:
Ian as Zach
In second place, with 16 points, was none other than our Gear and Assignment Manager, Alli Ball! Decked out as Andrew Stewart, Alli rocked some khaki shorts, a baseball cap and a tee shirt from a local brewery. Almost every single person guessed her inspiration correctly, except for Andrew himself. Funny. Here she is in her super model moment:
Alli as Andrew
In third place, with 15 points – just one point less than Alli, was our other co-founder, Finnegan Kelly. Finn came dressed in a look inspired by his long time partner, and good friend, Ian Fraser. Finn sported Ian’s classic track pants and running shirt look, complete with food smears from getting the kids ready in the morning, which lent a certain olfactory element to this style. Says Andrew Stewart of this look, ‘You never fully understand a man until you roll around in his dinner plate.’
Finn as Ian
In fourth place was Erin, our Sales Team (the whole thing)!
Erin as Lisa
Fifth place saw a tie between Melanie (also dressed in duds inspired by our CFO and sometimes ER doc Lisa) and Sasha (also wearing an homage to the great, athletic Andrew Stewart), who both scored 9 points.
Melanie as Lisa
Sasha as Drew
Sixth place went to the often imitated, never duplicated Lisa Pinsky. She came giving props to Finn Kelly, and walked off with 8 points.
Lisa as Finn
Seventh place wonderously went to computer guru Gabe Smederson, who earned a whopping 7 points with his interpretation of LA game runner, Greg Snyder. These points were whopping because Gabe hasn’t really worked here for the past year and had no idea we were playing, or even who some of us were. Beginner’s luck for this one, I say!
Gabe as Greg Snyder
In eighth place – another computer nerd who should have finished last, but didn’t – Zach Chin. His outfit was inspired by himself. Does anyone else smell a copout? Still he got himself 6 big old points.
Zach as Zach
And rounding up the bunch is the handsomest man of the day…with 5 total points…taking a break from his uniform of running shorts and tee shirts…is Andrew Stewart with a dashing collared-shirt number inspired by our stylish boss, Finn Kelly. Also Andrew takes home the prize for ‘Best Team Spirit’ because, when asked to select the best look of the day, he simply inked in the words ‘EVERYONE.’ We could all learn a thing or two from a man like that. Except how to win.
Andrew as Finn

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