March: Pork & Parks

Yowza, what a great month! Here are two Go Game projects that just launched, and we are STOKED:


Mark your calendars, because on March 24th we are organizing a city-wide Pig Roast Scavenger Hunt for our friends at Forage SF! They are raising money to open an incubator kitchen to support kick-ass local food producers in the Bay Area. And what better way to do that than to grab a bunch of friends, explore cool hidden parts of SF, and enjoy awesome food / music until the wee hours of the morning? Exactly. There IS no better way.

More details here: Eventbrite


We like parks. A lot. And it turns out, the state of California might close a bunch of them! So we designed a Roadtrip Game to raise awareness about the issue, and encourage people to go visit them. Also, we’re trying to get as many people to message their representatives as possible. Let’s do this! #savecalparks

More details here:

The First 70 Trailer from Heath Hen Films on Vimeo.

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