Running with SXSWissors in Austin

Having returned and recovered(?) from Austin and South By Southwest 2009, the blog is begging for some love.
First, if you want to appear “in the know” the conference shall hereto forward be referred to as “southby.”
Second, you may appear as a bit of a pretentious self promoter if you use the phrase “southby” too liberally – but that’s just my editorial input.
We played a game! We called it “Running with SXSWissors” and gave it a High School structure. There were, naturally, four levels: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior.
Within each level of the game, we had the following mission options: Campus tours, dares, and hookin’ up. “Campus Tours” were designed to help players explore the conference center and the exhibit halls at SXSW. “Dares” were designed to ask players to do something… daring. As you progressed through the levels of the game, these dares became more difficult in two ways. First, the tasks themselves became more complicated or potentially embarrassing. Second, we required you to recruit other players from the game become part of your group for the dare. The final type of mission, “hookin’ up,” asked you to do challenges against other conference attendees/players.
To graduate levels, players were required to complete a certain number of missions of each type.
And of course – there were SXSW 2010 badges on the line! How did you ultimately win one? Sounds like musings made for another blog…

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