Sales = Attractive

Why are people in sales usually so darned good looking? This thought crossed my mind many times yesterday as I observed the 800 players on 100 teams we unleashed on the Renaissance Hyatt and Regency Esmeralda hotels in Indian Wells (really Palm Springs). Maybe they’re just so good at getting people to say yes. Anyway, Yahoo, you’ve got a damned good-looking sales team. Not that I notice this kind of thing, being recently married. But if I did notice, I would have taken notice.
Also, I suppose it’s probably a lost cause, but I strongly recommend that if you’re hiring us to play in Palm Springs area, do not book us on a hotel game. Make no mistake, our hotel games are great, but if I were you I would arrange a little travel– it’s not far at all– and play in Palm Desert on El Paseo Drive. Fantastic game zone, only been played once. Take my advice. You probably won’t, but there it is anyway. Okay, now I need to figure out how to make sure my wife doesn’t see this blog post.

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