Scene from a Recent Game: Seattle

(Justin is standing on top of a barrier in front of 35 Microsoft employees in a public park next to Pike Place in Seattle.)
Justin: … in your lunch boxes you will also find a piece of paper with my phone number on it it in case you have any technical trouble during the game. Feel free to call it.
(A random homeless man walks into the middle of the pack)
Homeless Man: Yeah! I’ll call you!
Justin: Please remember that all of your videos are silent, because we will be adding our own music to them during the judging. So no Shakespearean monologues, please.
(Microsoft employees offer mild laughter)
Homeless Man: Ha! Who are you? Richard III? Ha!
(Justin pauses for a moment trying to remember the plot of Richard III)
Justin: Anyhow, who’s ready to get this thing started?
(Microsoft employees raise a cheer, obviously pumped.)
Homeless Man: You’re not the President!
Justin: Okay, on the count of three I am going to pull the trigger on my digital starter pistol and get this show on the road. Three… Two…
Homeless Man: Wait! I get it, it’s a scavenger hunt! That sounds fun. (Walks away)
Justin: One! The game is on.
(The game began, ran and ended without incident. Everybody had a great time. However, we never saw heads or tales of the magical screaming homeless man again. Was he a ghost? Maybe just a shared vision of what is, can and could be? We will never know. We. Will. Never. Know.)

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