Shout Out to Our UK Peops

This past Saturday, on an island far, far away, there was a Go Game, UK style. Chris and Mei, our brother and sister Go Gamers, used their magical recruiting skills to produce London’s first and best 20 team community game. Those of us in the US are very proud and want to wish them a reverent congratulations. We’re sending them a giant high five from across the Atlantic, or Pacific if you like to swing your arm around from that direction.
We’d like to share a few highlights from their game, and if you want to check out their blog, go to:
They kicked off their game at CosmoBar, a swanky looking restaurant with bike wheels in the window. Once teams started to play they took over a neighborhood with a lot of St. John’s in the street names. Teams returned at the end of the game with a smorgasbord of Oscar-worthy videos. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.
This team opted to recreate the Ides of March, Risky Business style.
Another one of the teams did an incredible rendition of the old school video game Double Dragon. Watch this and you’ll likely want to set aside your Wii to relive your childhood.
And finally, this team’s finger movie truly captured the mood of NosfINGeratu. The special effects are beyond impressive.
Once again, big props to our UK team. You two rule!

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