Social networking sites are ruining my nights out.

Is it just me or do people spend more time when they go out documenting the night then actually enjoying the night these days? Okay… now I’ll admit that I’m terrible at documenting things that I should. For example, I went out to Hawaii to see my brand new niece not very long ago and came home with zero pictures…. But that’s beside the point. . . The whole time I was there I was thinking, “My sister is taking pictures, I’ll just ask her to send them to me.”
But anyways, I swear that every time I go out these days people spend half of the time posing for pictures, or looking at the pictures they just took than actually talking or having fun. Last weekend I went out to a bar with a friend and quite frankly, I had a horrible time. Instead of actually having a conversation with my friend she spent the half of the time photo-documenting the evening. Granted, when I look at her facebook page it looks like we had a wonderful evening because everyone is all smiles but the pictures didn’t document the fact that half of the time we spent was posing for pictures or looking at them. I guess I’m not vain enough to enjoy looking at pictures of myself from 5 minutes before. I was there. It was 5 minutes ago. I don’t need to re-live the memory quite yet.
While I’m at it, whatever happened to the common courtesy of talking to the people you are out with too? Why do people invite other people out and then spend a lot of time on their phones drunk texting people that aren’t there? All that says to me is, “I would rather the person on the other end of this text message be here than you.” The problem is, they aren’t there, if you wanted them to come out that night then why didn’t you just invite them out instead? By the way, thank you for making me feel like a third wheel to someone that isn’t even here.
I thought social networking sites were supposed to help people reconnect together and share experiences. To me it seems more like a popularity contest of who can look like they are having the best time of their lives when in reality it’s just a couple of people at a bar going crazy with a camera and annoying the bartenders by asking them to take pictures every 5 minutes.
Anyways, here’s my shameless plug that ties this back into work instead of ranting. I’m always in the mood to have a good time, whether I take the time to document it well or not. What we do here at The Go Game is create fun situations where you wish you had a camera to record whatever randomness we might throw at you. And the best part is, we make sure that you have a camera!
Come on people! We’re here to have fun, not just take pictures that make it look like we had fun.

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