Someone dirty up that collar for me

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! I’m just taking a look at some of the production stills from yesterday’s video shoot for an event coming up in May. Just in case some curious folks who will be playing next month find their way to this post, I’m going to keep the plot surprises secret…
But the shoot came out AMAZING – check out the photo below (the gentleman with the ransom note being a very kind and unpretentious CEO).
Suffice to say, the CEO of this fine company is going to need some saving come next month. Luckily, his intrepid employees will be hot on the case – and we like their chances of bringing home the bacon! And their CEO.
More photo goodness:
We can add video to any Spy or Undercover game. So if you, or someone close to you knows a CEO, VIP or just plain VCD (very cool dude/dudette) who wants to spice up their game by starring in their own mini action film – rest assured we’ll set them up right.
We had a great time working with our new friends! We shot in the mission, on the streets downtown, and inside both our office as well as our client’s office. There’s only one way to find out if you’re smart, tough, and cool enough to deal with agents Cox and Stewart: PLAY!

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