SpaceX Shenanigans

One of the side effects of being the most fun team-building experience you could ever possibly hope to take part in (in this world or another) is that we get to work with a lot of very cool companies. (Google, check. Facebook, check. CliffBar, check.) BUT, sometimes a company calls us into action that we can’t help but fanboy out over. Which may be why a small shouting match broke out one day over at Go Game HQ over which Game Producer was going to take the SpaceX game we were asked to write in Manhattan Beach.
In case you’re not up on your culturally relavent privatized space exploration news, these are the guys that just a short time ago became the first private space vessel ever to dock with the International Space Station after winning a contract with NASA to resupply the ISS on a regular basis. And, if  you were wondering: Yes, I was one of the fanboys shouting impassioned pleas when it came to deciding who would get to write the Go Game for SpaceX. I was also the one who won the shouting match. 🙂
My reward? I got to force (er…gently nudge) some of SpaceX’s best and brightest into filming an interpretive dance of said ISS docking. How could we ever not love our jobs here at TGG?!
Love, Luck and Lollipops,

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