Start Playing With Your Food!

So you might have heard from a little bird that there’s a wacky new game in the works from the minds that have brought you a bazillion Go Games AND the tasty treats of La Cocina.
Well, you heard right you little twinkies! We proudly present the first ever Go Game Street Food Adventure. ZOMG! I don’t even know that that acronym stands for, but it feels so appropriate for how excited I am. Which is incredibly so. Excited, that is. Hmmm. Not making sense because of the intense excitement. Keep reading!
Here’s how it’s going to work – Step one,: cut a hole in the box. Step two: you put your j- wait, that’s a different kind of game. First, you sign yourself up here. Pick a team name, and make it good, because we will be judging you on it later. And ‘lopchong fudgsicle buttah stew’ is already taken, sorry!
Then, on Monday, August 3rd, you and your team will get an email with a link to the actual game. Log in with your team name and password on either a cell phone or computer and prepare for some seriously challenging missions that you can do right in your home at any time – it does not HAVE to be on Monday. You don’t have to be together (you can be online, on the phone, or on a horse – if you’re really good), but we think it’s more fun if you are. Pop a bottle of wine and bring that stuffed mushroom recipe you’ve been dying to make and get thinking!
Once you have successfully solved the at-home missions, you will be led to an actual location on a specific day to complete one of many challenges. When you are on-location (markets, street food stands and festivals are some of the types of places you will find yourself) you should feel free to play at your leisure and once you are finished with your missions – stay! Hang around! Explore! Like me – exploring some fancy fruits in The Mission.
Get your mind out of the gutter – that was a produce mission!
Each Monday, you will be able to access a new series of clues that will lead you to a new destination each weekend. And the clues are good for the duration of the game, so we won’t be mad if you have already arranged a wine tasting menu in Napa with the ‘rents, as long as you bring us back a lil’ somethin’ somethin’. You can pick up where you left off when you get back. And yes – I WAS implying that we accept bribes.
Some missions require text answers or passwords that you enter directly into the game for pointage. Sometimes we will ask you for a picture or new idea and you will post those to a forum (link provided later on) and we will judge them based on comments from other teams and basically anyone who wants to tell us what they think of you. But if they post mean things, we’ll blacklist them AND tell their moms.
There will also be a bank of ongoing missions that you can do whenever you darn well feel like it. Street food vendors to track down that will have special goods in their carts for players, alley ways with messages to decipher, clues at the bottom of ice cream cones – you know, the usual.
The game will come to an unbeleivable climax at La Cocina’s very own, very awesome and very yummy San Francisco Street Food Festival 2009. It’s gonna be like a street vendor carnival of delights. There will be missions during the festival and we will announce the winners towards the end of the day.
If you’re confused, it’s OK. I get confused all the time, too. Especially when reading really important non-fiction, like The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Twilight. Once the game gets going, it’s pretty easy to figure out how play works – it’s not as easy to decode our missions!
So tell your friends, family and Johnny Depp if you can get him on the phone, becase we want to see all of you guys playing and eating all over SF this August. Especially Johnny. Wheeeee!

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