We know, most people think summer is about to end, but here in the Bay Area, we consider back-to-school ‘mid summer.’ We haven’t even had our warm weather yet.
So, back in June,  The Go Game was a lot like the Philadelphia Phillies — loaded with talent, plates full of awesome work, and really high expectations for the summer. Well, half-way through, and we’re happy to report that much like our beloved Phils, we’re ROCKING! Success has come in many forms, from gamerunning to development to sales. Here’s a quick recap of why we have a six game lead over the Braves.

Reason #1 — Go Game Team Building. We’ve been fortunate to work with some great companies and educational institutions over the past few months — 183 games in the last 3 months to be exact. No one game is exactly the same, and each one is a ton of work. So to honor our crew here are some mid-season awards:

  • Tastiest Game Award goes to Jenny Gottstein and her intrepid crew from La Cocina who together designed and
    Paris Stilton in a Cheese Coma
    executed the 3rd StreetFood Scavenger hunt. This was no hot dog eating contest, it was a smart and creative romp for foodies from all walks of life.
  • Best Dressed goes to Michelle and the cast of Popchips who recreated 10 TV shows in a twist on our Movie Game. We’ve been charged by Popchips with creating another new teambuilding game for 2012. We’re looking forward to it!
  • ‘Deep Impact’ disaster game award goes to Penny Mathis and the whole crew of Polypore International. Penny bravely boarded her flight, and Ploypore solemnly donned raincoats…and they played The Go Game in North Carolina, WHILE HURRICAN IRENE pounded the state. What could have just been a bad hair day, turned into an epic adventure and team building the old fashioned way, riding out a storm while deciding who to eat.
  • The Set her Down Easy Award (aks the best job landing a jumbo jet of an event):  Sasha Cox piloted a 500 person Lockeheed Martin behemoth of en event to a dreamy landing on the tarmac of the VA National Conference Center.
  • MetRX Strongman Award goes to Brett and Marko who created an amazing ‘Giving Back’ game for Colorado State University. The 100
    Walking Dead Cast
    players loaded up untold backpacks with canned food for local shelters as part of a Go Game. And all those cans didn’t lug themselves into the gamezone. Our strongmen did.
  • SmartyPants Award: Roxy.  Through her awesome clues and emceeing, keeps getting us invited back to Haas Busniess School at Cal year after year.
  • Proudest Papa: Finn! Indigo Kelly was born on July 17th, 2011. Welcome to the party, little man.
  • Ray of Sunshine Award: Jade. Got all trained up, has amassed 20k miles in a few months and keeps smiling.

Reason #2 —  Go Game App. Our DIY Go Game project is out in the wild! It’s been awesome to see how people have used it. Looks like birthday party is the #1 use case, followed by Team Building. Right now, about 15 games are made every day. Based on the photos and videos, there have been some pretty epic Go Games. You can see the gallery here. So far, most popular gamezone? Embarcadero SF!
Reason #3 — Sales. Lead by the indomitable Tamar Brown, our sales team (rounded out by Katie and Sara) has won some of the best pieces of business we’ve ever encountered as a company. Our sales process has never been so nimble, intelligent and responsive. It’s why we’ve been able to grow our sales at over 20% for the year! Yay Sales Team!!!
Here are some action shots of 3 months that no one will ever get back.

]Smackdown in VA

Jade holding court in Palo Alto

Brett Training for CSU

Mad Men of Popchips

Hurricane Penny

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