SXSW Contd.

How would one win free tickets to 2010? Beyond answering missions in around SXSW, beyond challenging and defeating fellow SXSWers in head to head challenges, beyond taking off their pants… the finale of Running with SXSWissors 2009 was decided over a friendly (or was it?) game of Hijack the Band!
Hijack the Band? Our newest toy, Hijack the Band answers the question… what’s more fun that beer, at least 5 friends, and Rockband? We believe the answer to that question is: Beer, at least 5 friends, and a live band you share control of the concert with. We’re high tech as always, so imagine your phone looking a little something like this:

As the band is playing, you have the chance to influence what’s going happening on stage. You literally become a part of the live performance!
What you see above is a point of the show where we’re asking for an open ended suggestion. We use monitors in the venue to prompt you for input… for example: What genre of music do you want to hear the band use as an influence in their next song? You’d send your vote in, hopefully cajole your friends into agreeing with you… and the rock out!

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