The Go Game Does Dallas

Go Gamers Andrew, Chris, Finn, Ian, Mark, Mei, Melanie, Myles and Roxy faced a dilemma at 1:30 am last Thursday. You see, we had just finished packing all of our gear up from the 3000 person event (which you can read about below) and had to be ready for a 4 am ride to the airport. Did we sleep? No! Did we sit around and talk about the game? No! Did we hit the bar? Sort of! Actually, Myles grabbed his jump rope and, capitalizing on his status as “The Most Popular Man At The Conference,” he got the attendees to show their moves. We posted up outside of the hotel bar (Silhouettes) and, made lots of new friends – like Double Truck, Tara, Lil’ Boots, Kali, Gravity and, of course, Tony Tuesday. One thing is guaranteed, if you bring us to your convention we’ll keep it jumpin’ jumpin’.

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