The Memes that Games are Made Of…

Now more than ever, we live in an interconnected world.
A child falls face first into a pile of flan in Florianopolis and the next moment it’s a viral hit. Then six months after it’s popular your mom emails it to you.
The Go Game is no different. Our creative challenges are often colored by the meme of the week, often with hilarious results. So this year, I’ve minted the GO GAME MEME OF THE YEAR. This award is meant to recognize outstanding merit in influencing players across the country to make the same jokes in near harmony.
This year, we have two finalists…

Call Me Maybe
This Carly Rae Jepsen earworm not only dominated the pop charts and YouTube, spawning countless lipdub tributes, but also our darling little Go Game. Specifically one challenge. Many times we end our games by spreading a little love throughout our gamezone by asking players to write a sweet lil’ love note and leave it on a random car. Sometimes they are bawdy, many times they are Shakespearean odes to timeless love from afar and rarely they are so creepy we feel like taking a shower.
But in the summer of ’12 there was one note that replicated more than all others.
“I just met you and this is crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe?”
Bonus points for players who capped things off by leaving their boss’ digits at the bottom of the page.
Gangnam Style
Oh PSY, life as a K-Pop star just wouldn’t do. After his catchy comeback single with three English lyrics lit fire to the globe he found himself front and center here in America, shaking his 38th parallel while teaching his signature horse dance to Ellen, Britney Spears and MC Hammer.
Go Gamers took their cues as well. Peppering the jig into tons of creative videos, but most notably our Stealth Disco (where players have to dance behind someone without them noticing) and Historical Dance (reenact a pivotal moment in history using the magic of interpretive dance) categories. My favorite game from the game designers at Blizzard who combined Paul Revere’s Ride with the most watched video in YouTube history.

Heeeey Sexy Minuteman!
Gangnam Style. Congratulations to everyone who rode that invisible horse and roped their dreams into reality. May the elevator doors of life forever contain this guy.

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