Today was a big day

So when I’m writing a new post I like to think of it as my own personal journal entries. I like to picture myself as a modern day Mr. Belvedere. Well, minus the moustache and sweater, but I’m working on that moustache part. A month of not shaving and I’ll have a stache that rivals that of a fourteen year old.
Actually now that I think about it they aren’t my own personal journal entries since everyone can read them and I’m not the only person that can post things here. But anways, today was a big day for us, we ran our largest game ever today, with about 3,000 players we took over downtown Dallas. I’ll wait to talk on that later once absolutely everything is wrapped up, but the judging should be commencing soon. And speaking of big days, just earlier this week I became an uncle! My sister had an adorable little girl named Zoey. I can’t wait to get out to meet her soon.
Some other big things that are happening this week: Today is Abraham Lincolns 200th Birthday, Singles awareness day is celebrated this Saturday Feb. 14th, and this month is also Black History month.
(Edit: I have also discovered that this is Bacon Stupidity Month! Mmmmmm… Bacon.)

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