Welcome to The Rock

People often ask me if I’m “actually a Doctor.” Each of our laptops is named and labeled – mine happens to be “Dr Goodspeed.” Without our trusty laptops booting up time after time in city after city, The Go Game wouldn’t be able to bring our unique brand of team building around the world. We happen to be a Dell office and have accumulated dozens of laptops over the years. We’ve done our part for Dell stock – speaking of which, if you’d bought 1000 shares of Dell’s IPO on June 22, 1988, you’d have made almost $2000 at the close of business Friday the 16th! Oops – that doesn’t sound as impressive as it did last January…
Of course, in order to keep our PC’s organized/provide a proper emotional connection with our D630’s, we have a deeply meaningful naming ceremony involving the new laptop, candles, aged chewing gum, and an electronic labeler.
The name Dr. Goodspeed comes from one of the finest cinema masterpieces of all time, The Rock. Dr Goodspeed, of course, being the “Chemical super freak” that saves San Francisco from a nefarious plot involving Alcatraz and poison gas. I like to imagine myself saving San Francisco from nefarious plots involving tired team building ideas – maybe too much of a stretch?
For a time, I even had the all important job of naming computers. I began naming them after famous twosomes/threesomes because we typically bought multiple computers at once. For instance, we have Larry, Curly, and Moe. We also had Maverick, Goose, and Iceman from Top Gun but when Goose died with our accounting records on it, our brave accountant Lisa asked that her next computer NOT be named for a character that dies famously and spectacularly. Seems fair enough – she now uses “Flamethrower.” Because, well, flamethrowers are aggressive and make for great youtube finds like this.
Of course, some of our computers do sport high culture names – Sasha entrusts her Go Game endeavors to Rita Moreno… we are a West Side(!) story after all.

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