We’re bringing our art heist game to IndieCade!

We’re really psyched to bring our art-heist laser maze game The Hearst Collection, designed by Go Gamers Gabe Smedresman and John Teasdale, to the independent games festival Indiecade!


The Hearst Collection is a live-action laser maze art heist game. Players twist, crawl and slide to sneak through the lattice of laser tripwires, steal the masterpiece, and return with the painting, without tripping any lasers and alerting the authorities. The experience is designed to be the culminating challenge of a revamped Spy Game that we’re designing in-house.

Check out a video of the game at New York’s Come Out & Play Festival below, and we’ll see you at Indiecade’s Night Games event on Saturday October 5th in Culver City!

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