Where’s my flying car? And what about my jet pack?

So I recently just opened up our blog to anonymous commenting so that you didn’t have to have an account or be logged in to actually post a comment. I was surprised to see how quickly spam robots found our blog and started abusing the new open comment format. Seriously though, I was amazed at how quickly they found it. Two days after I opened up the commenting format there were over 200 comments on one of our older entries. The comments all varied but essentially had the same context about viagra, xanax, and cialis.

Fun Fact: CAPTCHA = Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
Because of this I’ve made another change to our blog format, now if you’re an anonymous poster you have to enter in a captcha to prove that you are a real person and not just a spam robot.
What’s with technology today anyways? I thought we were supposed to have flying cars by the year 2000? I don’t even see prototypes of flying cars that even the extremely rich can afford… When was the last really life changing invention anyways? Cell phones changed our lives, now we don’t have to be at home to take calls. The Roomba made us not have to spend time sweeping our floors. But what other inventions out there have changed the average persons daily life? Some might argue that GPS or DVR have but I’m not sure I agree with that. Those didn’t change peoples lives, those just made it so that people didn’t have to look up their own directions or spend the time programming their VCR’s to record a show. That just streamlined a process that was already possible. So what’s actually new that changed how the average person lives? I’m sure there are plenty of medical things out there that are revolutionary, but I consider myself of average health and would not say that there has been anything that has changed how I live my day-to-day life.
Some people around the office mentioned things like “online comparison shopping” has changed the average persons life, and I would agree with that. But come to think of it, that’s just the internet making things available more widely, and the internet is nothing new. Dating websites have changed how people meet other people, micro-chipping pets has changed how we find them when they get lost.
Plato and Zoey There’s been a few times where I’ve seen this guy walking down the street by himself (the tortoise, not the infant). It’s a good thing we got him microchipped, not only in case he wanders off on his own but also for identification in case he gets stolen.
I spend more time deleting spam mail from my inbox these days. Apparently that’s a technology that people want. They want to sell you things by shoving it down your throat over and over again. Like I didn’t get your message the first 10 times you sent me the latest deal on Viagra today, why don’t you send me another 5 messages before the day is up, and then do it again tomorrow. Maybe after the 500th message I’ll just change my mind and order it.
Maybe the spammers are trying to help me realize something. Viagra has changed the lives of many people. Maybe it is one of the latest breakthroughs for the average person? I’m sure it’s helped countless people who will refuse to admit to using the prescription drug that is used to help erectile dysfunction. I mean, I would never admit that I take Viagra, that could be embarrassing. I mean, if anyone ever saw me swashing down a pill of “Vitamin-V” and asked what it was I would just say that it’s for high blood pressure, what it was initially used for. I don’t know why I would know that, but then again I’ve never taken it.

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