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Fun in Napa

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What’s up in the 707, you wonder? Well, as of late, lots of Go Game-ing. Since we’ve been up there so much, we figured it was high time to spotlight our favorite North Bay gamezones for your reading pleasure. Games up there constitute a mix of local 707 companies who want to play on their home turf, and other companies from all over the Bay Area who choose to do a retreat in Wine Country. It’s a great place to ‘get away’ for working groups, with awesome conference/lodging options. Plus wine, duh! Some of the companies we’ve worked with up there of late are: Onyx Pharmaceuticals, McKesson, Redwood Trust, E&J Gallo, and more.

Santa Rosa
King Kong Redux

We’ve transformed several North Bay cities into serendipitous ‘gamezones’ that come to life for a few hours of Go Game magic. Just in the last year Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Windsor, and Sausalito have hosted our special brand of team-building. Each one is great in its own way.

Napa’s got a great little downtown centered around 1st and Main, full of shops, bars, cafes and galleries. You can even sneak down to the Napa River for some nature clues.

Sonoma’s square (City Hall) is the focal point of that game — free ranging roosters and all! Lots of cool eateries surround the square as well as some interesting old buildings in the state historic park.

Santa Rosa’s gamezone is split between downtown and the big mall right next door, which is great for wet winter weather. It’s the most city-ish of all the zones up there.


Uncovering a Go Game Agent

Raaawwr Team Building!

Whether you’re a North Bay company, or just looking to do an offsite in Wine Country, we encourage you to get outside and PLAY in these really fantastic towns! It will be 1 cheesy-yet-romantic hot air ballon ride short of the greatest afternoon of your entire life.

The ending venues up there ALL serve great, local food, and pour a mean glass of wine. The weather, views and local flavor can’t be beat!

Here are some helpful links if you’re planning on holding a meeting up there:

Article about Team Building in the North Bay

Great Meeting/Conference Spots:

Solange Resorts in Calistoga

Meritage Resorts in Napa

Carneros Inn near Napa

Macarthur Place Hotel in Sonoma

Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa

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