Fundamentals of Game Design

Have you ever wondered what makes a game…. fun? How to design for laughter or cutthroat competition? Well, you are in luck:
The Go Game is hosting a hands-on “Fundamentals of Game Design” workshop with our good friends at General Assembly SF on Nov 10th. If you are a seasoned game designer or simply a curious newcomer looking for an opportunity to start, come!
This half-day workshop will cover the foundations of IRL (In Real Life) game design. The workshop will start with a short gaming experience, which will lead into a discussion of fundamental design principles like team dynamic, prize incentives, structure and applications of games, etc.
We will examine the core elements and design process of creating games while giving every participant the chance to get their hands dirty by workshopping their own game experience.

It’s going to be a blast.

Check out all the details and grab your tickets HERE.

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