Write What You Know

“So, are you from here?” is probably the #2 most asked question of us Game Runners (right after “So – you just get out of jail?” [our jumpsuits are jail house orange]).
To be clear, we’re from San Francisco, but in the last 7 days we’ve covered: – Seattle, New Brunswick NJ,Miami, Boston, Scottsdale, Boulder, Dallas, The Bay Area
Perhaps it’s not that surprising that pretty much all of our friends have asked us question #3: “Hey, have you seen Up In The Air? I think you might like it.”

Presumably (hopefully)they connect us with the film for its depiction of business travel, and not for a main character living a comfortable life of distance. For the record, I very much enjoyed Up In The Air. And I think 10 Million Miles is an impressive goal. I’m pretty loyal to US Air, United, or Delta if I have a choice (free checked bags? priority check in, boarding, and security? sold) so I understand his feeling towards American/Hilton/etc. But I digress.
I’m back on the blog horse, and this week I’m writing about Travel. My top 5 websites (you didn’t realize it was a list, did you) I use for travel: #1: www.kayak.com #2: www.priceline.com(name your own price, to be discussed later) #3: www.flightstats.com #4: www.wunderground.com #5: www.seatguru.com

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