Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Training Go Game

The idea came to us one night at a bar – as most good ideas do. We were discussing the record-throwing scene in Shaun Of The Dead, and it hit us (the idea, not the vinyll)… if we found ourselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, WE’D BE SCREWED. No really. Dead within minutes. Because our survival skills are laughable, our upper body strength is minimal, and our gag reflex is trigger happy.
The Zombie Survival / Disaster Training Challenge took place on July 7th. Players had to learn important survival skills like how to gut a fish, how to light a fire without matches, and what to do in case of an earthquake. They had to compete in Zombie Head Bashing Relays (pinatas), Wound-dressing workshops, and Thriller Dance-Offs. The winning team walked away with an Emergency Survival “starter kit”, complete with “Bling Bandaids”, particulate masks, a clean pair of underwear, and a list of radio stations they should tune into for instructions during a city-wide emergency.  Then we all celebrated our accomplishments, heckled each other, and re-lived the glory at a local dive bar.
Why did we do this? 3 reasons:
1) To have a good time! An excuse to run around the neighborhood, solve zombie-related challenges, shoot nerf guns at zombies, and scream “braaaains”.
2) To prepare ourselves! We live in a time of earthquakes, tsunamis, outbreaks, and attacks, and we had NO idea what to do when the shit hits the fan. So this game was designed to help us learn a few things about what to do in a “worst case scenario”.
3) To raise money for a good cause! Proceeds from the game went to Project Night Night, a SF non-profit that assembles nightime “comfort kits” to homeless children. They deliver over 25,000 kits filled with books, blankets, and stuffed animals each year, and we think that’s pretty baller.
All in all, it was a glorious evening, and we look forward to many more iphone-fueled adventures.

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