Zombies, Marshmallows & Hurricanes : Disaster Preparedness Gaming

What Do Zombies, Marshmallows & Hurricanes have in common? This dork right here:

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A few years ago, our gamerunner Jenny Gottstein produced a Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness Game. Players ran around San Francisco fending off zombies with nerf guns while completing urban survival training challenges.


Now she wants to bring it to cities nationwide.

But the first step: Research. How are different regions preparing for natural disasters? What are local governments, schools and companies doing to empower their communities in a time of crisis? And specifically, what do people WANT to learn to feel prepared?

So she is raising money for a cross-country trip to meet with first responders, creative thinkers, and community organizations. 

Help her create real-world games that prepare us for the worst while we play for the best…


And if you think this is a good idea – please share!


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