Airplane Adventures


We fly all around the world to run games, and as you can imagine… we’ve found ourself in many strange situations.

Inspired by these airplane confessions by travel professionals (…most pilots are asleep? crazy! …don’t drink the water because it is shared with the lavatory? EW!), we decided to share some of our travel confessions & tips.

1. Don’t put a bullhorn in your checked luggage.  When it falls to the conveyor belt, it might trigger the alarm function. One of our gamerunners was forced to fling underwear in the air while furiously unpacking in front of alarmed passangers to turn it off.

2. Do pack a pirate’s hat & parrot in your carry-on. Because it’s hilarious when you have to unpack it for security.

3. Taco costumes make great pillows. Especially when sleeping on an airport floor during blizzard cancellations.

4. If your space helmet doesn’t fit in your luggage, wear it! And only open it to eat peanuts.


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