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Adventure Jam

Get psyched to put all the knowledge we’ve been gaining from these outstanding sessions to use….coming this summer, save the date for the first ever Adventure Design Group ADVENTURE JAM! If you’ve ever wanted to get a start making live immersive experiences that bridge games, tech, theater, physical environments, and public space, or if you’re just looking for new collaborators — this is the perfect opportunity.

We’ll get together, split into semi-random 3-5 person groups with a nice spread of skills, and announce a theme for the jam. From that point through the next 48 hours, you’ll crunch like crazy to build the most amazing experience you can! Then we’ll share, vote on awards, and either go out for drinks or collapse in a heap, depending on how much sleep we’ve had.

Location: Go Game HQ, 400 Treat Ave Suite F

Date: August 15-17

Snacks: There will be a small attendance fee (probably $10) to cover food and snacks during the jam so we stay energized. To be confirmed closer to event.

– Friday, 6pm: Gather and socialize (Be on time!!) 
– Friday, 6:30pm: Reveal theme 
– Friday, 7:30pm: Present pitches, shuffle teams if necessary 
– Friday-Sunday: Make your experiences! 
– Sunday, 4pm: Present your work! 
– Sunday, 5pm: Awards!

Sign up and join the fun!

New Faces, New Fun

The world called for more games this year, and we answered… by adding more people to our team! Introducing the fresh new talent that will bring fun to your doorstep:

Brittany Berman aka “BB”

Game Producer

This 5ft bundle of energy captured our hearts with her infectious giggle and ability to make strangers engage in impromptu ninja battles on the street. We still can’t figure out how she does it, but we’re so glad she can. Someone has to. 

Justin Bagnell aka “JB”

Sales Specialist

With massive bear hugs and a love for Battlestar Galactica, JB swooshed into our lives. You can now hear his booming charismatic voice on the phone explain the merits of using marshmallows for corporate team-building. 

Jena McRae aka “Busta Move McRae”

Operations Director

Producing ONE game is a barrel of monkeys, so imagine overseeing a team that produces 700+ games a year! Fortunately we found the best person for the job. Jena is a master air-traffic controller, morale-booster, and fearless leader. Plus, she can school all of us on the dance floor. How did we get so lucky?

Step Up Your Gamification

It’s 3pm and a post-lunch lull has swept through building. Coffee is running low, and there are still three more break-out sessions to go before the day is over.

Sound familiar…? We’ve all been there! But conferences don’t have to be an endurance test. They can be fun, unexpected and memorable. 

Convene Magazine recently featured The Go Game in an article that explored the value of added games to enrich the conference experience. 

If your all-hands meeting, regional workshop or international summit needs a dash of energy, try our Convention Game offerings! We’ve spent years perfecting the formula for success. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the event.