Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness Game (Portland)

DATE: Saturday February 21st
TIME: 1 – 4 PM
WHERE: Portland, Oregon (secret location to be revealed with RSVP)

One night, after watching Shaun Of The Dead, it hit us: If Zombies took over the earth, we’d be the first to die. Why? Because our survival skills are minimal and our upper body strength is negligible. This realization sparked another thought: Hey…if ANY sort of disaster happened, we’d be equally doomed. Quite frankly, we don’t know how to build a survival kit, find fresh water, shank a vampire, OR survive an earthquake. And neither do any of our friends.

Out of this pathetic realization, an idea was born: Why don’t we design an urban disaster preparedness training that you can play like a Zombie survival game? Why not invite all of our friends to run around Portland, dodging the undead, while they learn tricks and tips to surviving urban disasters? And TA-DA! we did.


The Details:
Who is playing?

We are. All of our friends are. And YOU, of course!  Teams are comprised of 5-6 players, so if you’d like to dominate the game with your posse, get four or five of your buddies to sign up. If you’re not shy and want to make new friends, sign up alone or in a small group.  We’ll help to pair you up with other singles, pairs, and trios on the day of the event.

What is the Go Game?

The Go Game is a high-tech urban adventure game, kind of like we took the Amazing Race, YouTube Bloopers, Family Feud, Sumo Wrestling, Mission: Impossible… and put it all in a blender.  You and a team of friends will enter into a battle of wits, creativity, and willingness to look ridiculous in public.  Each team will use acell phone and a digital camera to solve missions, interact with our undercover actors, avoid zombies, learn survival tactics and compete with others to create epic photos and videos. Afterward, we will re-convene for highfives and excellent prizes.

Where is the event?

It’s a secret. We’ll tell you a few days before the event. Make sure to register here!

When is the event?

The game goes down rain or shine on Saturday February 21st. 

Arrive no later than 1 PM for check in, because the game begins promptly at 1:15 PM*

***Pre-formed teams of 5-6 players should arrive no later than 1 PM to check in.  Those looking looking to join forces with others should arrive earlier to schmooze, size up the competition, and choose their formidable teammates.

The game will begin at 1:15 PM, with play time lasting until roughly 3 PM.  At that point, the game will prompt all players to return to a secret location, where all teams can enjoy drinks, shout insults, and hug surviving teammates before the judging presentation.  We’ll be wrapped up by 4 PM.

Why are we doing this?

First and foremost, to have a good time. An excuse to run around the neighborhood, solve zombie-related challenges, defeat the undead, and scream “braaaains”.

Secondly, this is a disaster preparedness training. Let’s face it – we live in a time of earthquakes, tsunamis, outbreaks, and attacks. Do you know what to do in an urban emergency? We don’t. So this game is to help us learn a few things. 

What should I bring with me?

– iPhone 4 or later! One player on each team will download the game app (free of charge) onto their iphone to receive missions. It is important that at least one of your players has at least an iPhone 4 phone, or else you won’t be able to play. (If you don’t have an iPhone but want to participate, we’ll find a solution! Just give us a shout at jenny@thegogame.com)

-Good walking shoes, clothes appropriate to the weather outdoors, and anything else you usually bring when you leave the house (wallets, purses, ID’s, etc.).

-If you want to coordinate outfits with your team in advance (camo? color-coordinated spandex?), that’s fine too.

How do I win?

The winning team is determined by adding points earned during the game.  The more missions your team solves correctly during the hunt portion of the game, the better.  However, your team stands to earn between a third and half of its point total based on how creative their photos and videos are (to be judged by a zombie expert panel).  The moral of the story is you want to solve lots of missions, but you also want to create incredible photos and videos.  Teams that do both those things, will do well.

How will I get around during the game?

The whole game is played on foot (hence the walking shoes). 

Do I need to be in shape?

Wits and creativity are more important than fitness in this game.  But you might need to run occasionally to avoid flesh-eaters. Ultimately, if you’re comfortable standing and walking around for two hours, you’re fit enough to play.

Is it all ages?

Yes! We have special missions for teams with players under the age of 12, as well as more sophisticated missions for teams over the age of 12. Whether you are 2 or 92, you will have a blast and learn a lot. Join us!

Hey, can I bring this to my workplace? It seems useful!

Absolutely! We have created a Disaster Preparedness Game for companies that combines team-building and safety training in a way that is informational, memorable, and best of all… FUN. Learn more here

For additional questions, or to inquire about opportunities to volunteer, contact: jenny@thegogame.com

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